It has been awhile since I word this space so I will keep it short and sweet.


A lot of events have happened during this hiatus. Some good, some less so, but definitely never once dull. What I learnt during this period is to keep positive and move on. There is hopefully, if not always, something to look forward to e.g. a well-deserved break. Whichever the case, eLC will continue to keep on sharing and learning with you, so stay tuned to our next connection. J



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Title: Streaming video in just a few steps!


Have you been visiting to watch your favourite videos? Don't you ever wonder how you can create these videos? Now, in just a few simple steps, you will be able to create your own online streaming "flv" with the Adobe Flash CS 3 Professional!

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VA VA VOOM! The registration for Lectora Competition 2008 has begun! We want to once again thank all the participants from 2007 for their enthusiastic participation in the competition and also attendance at the awards ceremony held in Fullerton Hotel this year. As always, it is really a pleasure to see the support we have and we hope you continued to do so. So THANK YOU ALL!


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Anyone who has been with us long enough will know it is that time of the year again. For first-timers and new-comers alike, it is exciting Q3! It is pre-NDP (National Day Parade) festivities. It is end of the GSS (Great Singapore Sale). It is PB (Performance Bonus) time for some of our beloved clients and also us. Those are just preludes; the most important event is our upcoming CAR (Company's Annual Retreat). This would marked the 5th year that eLC has prospered since its inception. From the lovely sunset at Bintan, the high altitudes of Genting Highland Resort, the shopping haven of Bangkok, and to the last destination of quaint Ho Chi Minh City, we are now heading to the beaches of Phuket. Excited? Definitely!


And likewise, our newsletter will hope to tantalise your learning buds this quarter too. Can psychomotor skills be taught via eLearning? How about being able to create a Flash video in a few simple steps (of course with the right program)? Book marking anyone?


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Title: Can psychomotor skills be taught via eLearning?


While conducting a workshop with several participants across various organisations, I covered a topic on the psychomotor domain and was asked if eLearning is relevant for this learning domain at all. After all, someone reasoned that it's possible to ride a bicycle without knowing how to cycle in the first place. That may be true but let's explore further.


Psychomotor is the learning of complex sequences that require perceptual information e.g. input from the eyes and processing of thought, followed by the control of muscles to get the task done so is eLearning able to teach psychomotor skills? This question I believe may be relevant to many of us who are involved with the challenge of content design and creation in this particular learning domain. Hence, I take the opportunity to share some thoughts with you. J


Psychomotor skills do involve a high level of touch and is often difficult to verbalise what exactly is being done e.g. telling a child how to tie a shoelace. But looking a little deeper, Psychomotor is made up of 2 components; 'Psycho - Mental' and 'Motor - Bodily action'.


Picture this:

Let's say you are asked to top up the toner for a new copier machine in your office. Would a guide like this be helpful?

Or would you rather not refer and find it easier to figure it out on the ground after a few fumbles?


I believe the majority would find it beneficial to first refer, and then carry out the task. This is where eLearning can be useful in aiding the comprehension of the Psycho portion of the task before the learner carries out the actual physical task. Thus, it can be argued that the psychomotor skill of replacing an empty toner cartridge can be taught through eLearning.  


Ponder this:

The above example is a good start. There is more! How then to teach physical actions through e means? The Motor portion too after the Psycho portion has been addressed?


Let's say you are teaching a group of students on how to perform dissection of a frog during a biology class. Naturally for some, if not most, the thought of gripping the slimy (somewhat slippery) amphibian can be quite a challenge mentally. Through eLearning, the students might be better prepared and able to achieve this. Here's how.


Firstly, it is the mental preparation for the student. When going through an eLearning lesson that details the pertinent information of a frog e.g. slimy feel/texture of the skin, it allows the student to prepare his/her perception and mindset in ahead to reality.

Picture used with permission from froguts inc


Secondly, after the student is set and prepared, an effective eLearning design (please refer to above sample frames) allows hands-on in a fail-safe environment. Students will be able to input from the eye, process the information to learning the steps, and proceed to perform the dissection of a frog like in reality e.g. cut laterally across the upper stomach with an emulated scissoring action as instructed. This fulfilled the overall psychomotor learning. In addition, with no barrier to trials and errors in dissecting a frog, it can also be done repetitively without fuss (no lack of e-frogs). Through this guided procedure, students arguably have the next best thing to actual dissection. J


Now, would you be inclined to agree that with the e-prep, the students of the biology class will be better prepared in the Psycho and be able to handle the Motor making it easier to handle the actual dissection of a frog in class? I believe so.



We've explored how psychomotor skills can be taught through eLearning and the additional benefits reaped from blending eLearning and face-to-face class, the challenge is now yours when in creating content of the psychomotor domain.

Title: Creating bookmarking function in HTML format

Contributed by: Eugene Ng

Contributed by: Yap Jia Lun

Contributed by: Jinnie Ong