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Contributed by: Ang Gey Wee

In the old days, instructors prepare their training aids (such as flip charts) for their training sessions. But gone are the days where a group of 20 to 30 trainees have to strain their eyes to look at stencilled words on mahjong paper!

Since the evolution of personal computers, instructors are now investing into I.T. to facilitate their training. Besides preparing presentation slides for their stand-up lecture, many are also taking their training materials
online to the web.

In the last 5 years of my experience in content development, I have seen many instructors committing the same mistake; thinking that a good set of presentation slides will naturally be a good set of
online content or eContent for eLearning purpose. In most cases, these sets of presentation slides need instructional design touches to be pedagogically sound before it should be put in an online environment.

To briefly illustrate the importance of instructional design in building eLearning content, let us take a look below:

Extracts from Original Presentation Slides:

What you see here are extracts from a set of typical presentation slides that are prepared by a traditional instructor for his stand up lecture. In most of these slides, the main points will be flashed on the screen during the lecture and the instructor will lecture his audience based on his knowledge on this subject.

If we directly
convert this set of slides into an eContent for self-paced learning, learners will not fully appreciate the essence of this subject because such slides are not self-explanatory, and no interactive components exist to motivate the learner.

In a nutshell, the intended eContent can be better developed with the following improvements:

Chunk the information into appropriate Chapters/Sections with a logical flow of content structure. 

Sample Screen Shot:    

Never assume! Assumption is the Mother of all Failure. You must not think that the learner will comprehend simply by looking at the main points. You should provide details to each main point to substantiate the learning points. You should also provide appropriate instructional prompts to guide the learner through your content structure.
Sample Screen Shot:    

Motivate the learner through engagement wherever appropriate. Just as if you are conducting a face-to-face training session, throw the class a question to assess their understanding in various phases. In an eContent, you can also plan a pop-quiz in between topics with reinforcing feedback.      

Sample Screen Shot:   

In our next issue, we will further discuss the various creative ways you can engage the learners in an online environment. Until we meet again next time, here is an interesting and amusing article from The eLearning Guild’s e-Musings (dated 14 Oct0ber 2003) that may change your mindset when developing an eContent.

Take care!
Gey Wee ANG

PS: Screenshots of the courseware for this article comes from MAJ Tan Kok Chins (from the School of Military Intelligence) courseware Effective Presentation. This courseware is a Silver Award Winner for Best Demonstration of Instructional Design in the Lectora 2005/2006 eLearning Courseware Competition. Congrats, Kok Chin!

Contributed by: Pierre E
Contributed by: Rey Tan

You have lots of sales, promotions and offers from all your festive shopping to last for several weeks…Take a break…have a K*t K*t.

109...8 huh? Connection disrupted my apologies, wrong channel. Hari Raya Haji just passed and Chinese New Year is just coming up. So many public holidays, so many breaks to enjoy continuously. However, it will be PH desert from February all the way to April! Oh well, we win some, we lose some.

So the moral of the story is

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Shandy Ting

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