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Contributed by: Benson Soong
Not too long ago, someone asked me:

"Is it really important to help our learners to access prior knowledge before the lesson? It is hard work, and I’m not convinced that it is critically important, since the learning objectives are based in the new content that I will be teaching, and not entirely based on what they may or may not already know.”

As instructional designers, I’m sure many of us struggle with Step 3 of Gagne’s Nine Steps (which is how to stimulate recall of prior learning). Also, many of us may argue about its cost-benefits.

Before I answer this question, I’d like to perform an experiment (yes, another experiment
J). I believe the results of the experiment would answer the cost- benefits issues on stimulating recalling of prior learning for our learners. For this experiment to work, you will need to perform the experiment in sequence. No cheating!

(1) Take about 20 seconds and see if you can understand what the “phrase” below is “saying”:

Phrase 1: WEA   RETH   EWOR   LD

(2) Most likely, you would have no idea what the phrase was trying to communicate!

(3) Now, take another 20 seconds, and see if you can understand what this “phrase” below is “saying”:

Phrase 2: EYE   OFT   HET   IGER

(4) After 20 seconds, can you figure out what the phrase is? Most people I did this experiment to can! (If you cannot, try again; you will get it real soon!)

Now that you have figured out what the phrase is, can you figure out what Phrase 1 is? You can! And in less than 10 seconds! Why is that the case? Why is it that at our first attempt, we are not able to figure out Phrase 1, but after we figured out Phrase 2, suddenly our minds “clicked” and Phrase 1 no longer became a problem?

Well, amongst other things, because our mind was stimulated to recall prior learning (Eye of the Tiger; a very popular song in the 80s), we suddenly could see patterns we did not see earlier (We are the World, another popular song in the 80s). No need for anyone to point out anything; it just “clicked” because prior knowledge was appropriately accessed and operating at the working memory level.

I know it is tough to design learning activities that could properly help learners access prior memory. However, if done well, the learning becomes so much more efficient and effective. Hence, as instructional designers, we need to work a little harder so that learning becomes quite a bit easier for all our learners

Live well!
Benson Soong

PS: For more information on Gagne’s Nine Steps (or Events of Learning), you may wish to refer to http://www.e-learningguru.com/articles/art3_3.htm
Contributed by: Michelle Lim
Contributed by: Susan Lee
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Shandy Ting
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