Archive Date : 23 Mar 2018

Army Capabilities Visit for Employers at Sungei Gedong Camp
23rd March 2018

MINDEF organises visits to NS training and camps regularly for our supportive stakeholders to better understand the platforms our Nsmen operates on and how NS training is conducted.

Employers come together for a lunch reception and was welcomed by Chief Armour Officer,
COL Yew Chee Leung with an opening speech.

For the first time, eLC and POWERdrive were both invited to the event as part of the 150 employers present.
POWERdrive representatives were invited with our very own HQ Armour Formation NS Man of the year,
CPL(NS) Bandley Lee.

The visit showcases key capabilities for the 3rd Generation Army.
Participants were also able to visit the Army Static Capabilities Display and get hands-on experience with the
Armour Gunnery and Manoeuvre Simulators (AGMS).

All Employers were transported to the Live Firing Range in the SAF 5 Tonner.
A First-hand experience for some on how our Soldiers and Nsman moves from point to point for training,
and a reminiscing ride for those who served.

The Live Firing Range where all the action begins.

The highlight of the visit would definitely be the Fire Power Demonstration at the Live Firing Range where armoured tanks showcased their capabilities in a co-ordinated live firing manoeuvre.

Pictured herein is the Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tank demonstrating its firepower capabilities.

eLC & POWERdrive is glad to be part of the well-organized visit and looks forward to more of such visits in the near future!

Where learning never ends...