Archive Date : 10 Aug 2017

Newbie Orientation
10th August 2017

On 10th August 2017, eLC newbies gathered at Bbyod Café Lounge @ SAFRA Yishun for an exciting night to get to know one another and their BU Heads.

Before the Opening Address by CEO, Mr William Chua, we spotted Head of BDD, Mr Kevin Yue setting the mood for the night by indulging in a karaoke and dance session.

Arnold was the host for the night and had planned a fun way for newbies to introduce themselves. Each newbie was required to state their name, job scope and come up with 2 truths and 1 lie for everyone to guess which statement is not true.

The night concluded with the newbies gaining newfound knowledge about eLC. Despite a long day at work, eLCians came together to bond and had quality time getting to know more about each other. What a great way to end a Thursday night!

“It was a fun night getting to know my colleagues! Looking forward to more great times together!” –Liza

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